A Suite For All Seasons: Songs for Three Singers

 I've been working up an extended idea over the last month: a Four Seasons suite. It grew from some individual song ideas that I felt I could shape around the idea of the changing seasons. I wanted to play with musical moods on the piano keyboard. Which chords, which progressions would create those seasonal moods? What story, what lyrics went with each season? What sort of music was it? Which genre? (Possibly 'neoclassical'?) And how would it all come together?

It feels almost there now. I shall keep tinkering with it for its premiere on June 26 on the opening weekend of the Maldon In Winter festivities.  

At the same time I've been working up more individual songs in the 'singer songwriter' genre. Both keyboard and guitar based. A lot of my inspiration comes through my new Fender Mustang Modelling amplifier. It's given me a whole new world of  accompaniment ideas.

The show will feature myself and two other singers. One's out of the Irish Punk scene. The other a folk singer whose secret yearning was always to sing the great Standards. Those beautiful songs from the 1930s-1950s. She and I got jamming one night on 'Autumn Leaves' and it took off from there.